May 20, 2011

New Shoes

The newness of love wears like a fresh pair of shoes....
The hype and the drama of a new pair of shoes is like a new love too.

The first thought of your new pair of shoes, how they will look with your favorite pair of jeans
kinda like how that new person looks on your arm the first date...badass and lovin' it.

A new pair of shoes can give an old wardrobe new life,
bring back the flair, bring things to life you haven't worn in a while,
put a sizzle to your soul again, with new purpose and feeling once again,
just like new love too.

She's the only one for me or he can do no wrong
You haven't changed
Your new love is just new to you
Like that new pair of shoes....

Like a new pair of shoes there is no place you don't want to wear them
Not a place you don't want to take your new love

The tragedy is the end to the newness...

there comes that scuff
that stain
when the newness is gone..

Do you really want to keep those new shoes?
What will you do with those shoes after they are worn?
Keep them in the back of the closet because they are comfortable?

The cycle continues....called new love

(Written by Johnny Appleseed)

1 comment:

Paula said...

Being mature is continuing to love those shoes after they are worn, you think?