September 14, 2010

Your Purpose: Part One

While walking through Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, a thought crossed my mind. What do our lives mean, anyway? What is the significance of having lived if one day we will all be gone nonetheless? And when I said this out loud, the friend with me said, “you make it count”.

You make it count. Our lives, our legacies, our purpose must be decided and pursued with passion and determination. Each one of us is on this earth for a reason, in my opinion. As I have discovered, determining that passion and purpose might not be the hard part.

Typically, when speaking to this subject I find the best question is: “What would you do if you could do anything”? The only two stipulations, unfortunately, is that we cannot make someone love us who doesn’t and we cannot bring someone back from the dead. Those are two things beyond our control. So, answer this: If I waved a magic wand and granted you your wish, what would it be? That is as close to the purpose and passion of your life as you will get at this moment. And if you are disappointed in your answer, that is an entirely different issue!

The next step to living that dream is to find out how to become that! If you want to be a surgeon you can’t simply walk into an operating room. I don’t really know what you have to do to become a surgeon, because that isn’t my dream. But, someone knows. Maybe a medical school or someone who is already a surgeon would be a great place to start. Sitting around saying you have a dream and delving into the process of actually working toward that dream are two very different animals. I find a great deal of dissimilarity between wanting something and wanting it enough to make it happen.

After you find out the “how to” the next step is putting that how to into action. Making a plan, a map, or a vision board is a powerful tool to turn a dream into an actual purpose. For myself, I need daily reminders in front of me of my objective. I need to be reminded of the BIG goal and the smaller steps each day in order to see (because I am rewarded visually) the events unfolding before me.

Not dissimilar to housekeeping for me is large goal accomplishment. I need it broken down into parts. I am not one to clean my entire home in one fell swoop. I clean a bathroom, then the kitchen, then the living room. I have discovered that I feel remuneration in bits and pieces. Some people like to take on the whole house and receive their prize at the end of the entire task. That is something only you can determine for yourself. You know how you operate best.

This is not the final step, of course. There are two more areas to rummage through….but as all good writers do…I will leave you wanting more! I shall return to this idea soon….

Determine your purpose!

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