September 05, 2010

Shopping Bags

I folded one of those shopping bags yesterday that I used to save for you. You loved them so much. I used to bring them home to you. I don’t know what to do with them now. I learned over time which bags were "the ones" and those that just wouldn't do! There was a right size and right handles.

How much fun we used to have with you carrying those bags and all of the things you used to fill them. Books and magazines were your favorite. And you would come to my house and we would carry them to your room. At night when I would come in there to say goodnight you would have the magazines spread all over the bed and always have a pair of scissors nearby for clipping articles. It never failed that you had an interesting article to share. A clipping about “raising boys” or a helpful hint on stain removal, frequently a recipe to try or a positive affirmation to hang on my refrigerator.

So many trips with those bags we took. We went to the coast, from home to home of your kids, on vacations. I remember when reusable shopping bags first came out. We must have bought them from every store we went to that weekend. Your favorite was from Sprouts and how you loved that store, too. That is where we found your tea tree oil the first time.…and so many other goodies.

I smile to myself now when I pack a shopping bag to take “extra things” on a trip. And every time my sonshine tells me his tummy hurts I bring out the chamomile tea…when something itches I get the tea tree oil. And I smile. Because you live on.

I miss you mom and I am so glad you are still all around me, everyday.

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Betty Kurecka said...

Your writing never fail to touch me.