June 19, 2010

Weekend Visit

I believe each day impacts the next. And I accept as true the idea that I am constantly becoming. However, it seems that the last twelve to twenty months have had a profound impact on great lessons for me. In the last few months those lessons have become profoundly clear.

I spent some time recently with someone I have not seen in years. As a matter of fact, the last time I saw her was shortly after I delivered my son, who turned nine in January. I left Europe and she stayed there. She came to the states about three years ago and we finally got together this weekend. I have had many email and phone conversations with her while we have been apart. Nonetheless, I found it amazing how our friendship is so strong that even after nine years of not seeing one another we picked up as though we had never been away. I described her to someone a short time ago as being like a sister. That was exactly how it was. Immediately, the connection was there again. Having friendships are paramount. Having trust in another woman, with my deepest, darkest pieces…..that is beyond any I can have. I learn about myself through interactions with women who I trust implicitly. And, bluntly, there are just not that many I bank on. I am truly grateful to her.

During and since our visit I realized so much about the past, the future, friends and lovers. What a wonderful litmus test this meeting was for exactly how much I have changed. Dramatically I have changed. And for the better…..what a reward.

As the past two years have been about change and much loss it occurred to me how I once viewed loss as a process of letting go. I don’t see loss or moving on as that anymore. I now realize how every person I have loved, every experience I have had…even those that hurt deeply…..are with me always.

Thanks my friend!

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