June 03, 2010

Camping, really!

It is going to happen. I am going camping with “the boys”. My son said the magic phrase that make this mediocre Catholic cringe and give in, “I really want you to, but would understand if you don’t”. Okay, Okay. I give. I am going.

They called yesterday to tell me they were buying me a sleeping bag. I sure am looking forward to seeing it. I have a vision in my head of it being pink, bedazzled and fuzzy. I am sure I won’t be disappointed!

These are the times I am grateful for permanent cosmetics and cute hats. I asked that I be allowed to have some choice in the campground. Is it too much to ask for one with a pool, electricity and showers….I didn’t even verbalize my desire for a spa. I will have to look through my clothing tonight and see if I have anything to match this adventure. I know I have hiking boots. I wore them last time I was roughing it. Of course, the last time I was trudging through snow on the city sidewalks of Washington, DC…but seriously, have you been to DC lately?

As I lamented about this expedition to someone yesterday and wondered aloud how I would update my facebook status in the wilderness I heard them say something that is still ringing in my ears, “you may have to go off the grid for a while”. Okay. I can handle this. Really, I can handle this. As a matter of fact, I may return with a new outlook on life.

Last night my son and I did our nightly cuddle routine. I told him I was very excited about going but hoped he would encourage me along the way as I am uncertain that I can keep up the enthusiasm the entire week (yes, week). He listed the positives we would experience, through his eyes, of course: nature, black bears….Ummm….yep. He listed those as positives…… ……rivers, hiking…..uh…still waiting on the positives here, baby…. looking up at the stars, roasting marshmallows over a fire…okay….toy with my emotions by bringing high carbohydrate/high sugar food product into the discussion…..and finally….the one that brought it all back to the reason I really am excited and really do want to take this journey……just us.

Just us….on a new adventure. May I return uneaten by a black bear.

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