March 15, 2009

Since 28 January 2009

That was the "big day" for me. The day I decided to make some lifestyle changes. The day my doctor said I had some stuff out of whack in my blood and thought my heart was off-beat! Since then I have remained faithful to a new eating plan that includes high protein, low carbs, little sugar and fat. I was also put on a supplement routine and exercise was encouraged.

I have done well with eating better. I did well with the supplements until about ten days ago when my hard head won out. I hate taking pills. I tried putting them in with my protein shake and I liked that less. I will just learn to take them even if I don't like to.

I started an exercise routine one month ago (14 February 2008). I am doing a combo of walking and jogging. I hear I might work into jogging the whole way. Close to three miles is as far as I have gone but I am really encouraged because exercise has not been a normal part of my life -- ever.

My battle is with not getting on the scale everyday. If I do that I will become obsessed and end up in some treatment center for an eating disorder, I am sure. (Not that the time off in a spa like atmosphere is something I would oppose :) ! ). I know how much weight I have lost because I stop by my doctor's office about once a week to use the scale there because it measures BMI, muscle and water in addition to pounds. I like that because I can see something in the results I have not looked at before.

This is a "one day at a time" kind of journey. Who would have thunk it? Me changing? And doing it one day at a time?

Six and a half weeks of one day at a time....



I know how hard it is to stay consistant with that...
I have been trying a thing I read about where I walk for a minute, and then run for a minute and I do that for 20 minutes.
I feel great, but the problem is that I havent been consistant! Whats worse, is that I was in a training this week where we were told to list the hours we spend each week doing various things, and I am sad to say that I was embarrased that I spend more time in the shower each week than I do exercising?

Paula said...

Oh, wow. What a powerful exercise. I am fearful of those! I did one in a class a couple of months ago where we had to track a habit we wanted to break. SHAME! But there is something powerful in writing it down.

I am amazed how well I have done. I am amazed by how good I feel now that I have done it consistently.

I can't believe I waited until I was "so and so" many years old to do it!

Miss reading your stuff.


My blog was having technical difficulties for a few weeks. It's back, but I lost all of what I had written.