July 31, 2008


I have this theory. I am currently experiencing the reality of it so it is not just a theory in my world.

When you catch crabs from the ocean you can put them inside a cooler or a bucket but you don't have to put a lid on them. If one of them try to crawl out the others will pull them back down.

How often we do that to one another as human beings. I am continually surprised by folks in the counseling field who deal have the most moving groups, workshops and sessions. They often tell their clients to move forward, believe in themselves and keep dreaming of future goals. Some of them are the same counselors who want their peers and colleagues to stay stuck and not advance.

My dear friend Jennifer just told me that I might experience some of that as I move forward. Two days later....I am the crab trying to climb from the bucket and I can feel those pincher's at my heels.

Really crabby today.

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