September 24, 2007

Monday, Monday

Oh, what a great weekend.....we stayed in town! I miss that. And my home computer is broken so I did absolutely nothing related to work or conference planning.

Friday I saw a play at a local theatre.....The effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds. It was pretty good for a small, local theatre.

Saturday we had soccer. It was really hot out but the team did better than last weekend. My boy is getting some of the skills down. He can really kick it....and is working on his stopping and dribbling skills right now.

Saturday evening we hung out and watched some movies.....I even took a nap and cooked several times! Wow. My boy and I did one of our favorite things-- we went looking at new homes being built near our house. We have so much fun doing that.

And Sunday it was still warm enough that he was able to swim while I did some yard work.

This morning he told me he thinks he is old enough to go to Hawaii now. For several years he has wanted to go but I have always told him how long the flight is. This morning he told me it was time to start planning a trip! I love that little guy.


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