August 12, 2007

Summer....don't end!

Wow. Summer is coming to an end. Not in weather, but in time out for my boy. He will start back to school in less than two weeks. It has gone by so quickly. I feel that we haven't had enough time to do everything we wanted. But, he is ready. We get to meet his teacher next week. I look forward to seeing all the parents and finding out who is in his class this year.

Our trip to California will have to be a fall trip instead of a summer one. Time just went by so quickly...and with the illnesses that took place in the family, we adjusted some of our plans. Summer or fall, our trip to California will be fun. It is always a great place to visit no matter the season. I have been in spring, summer and fall and have loved all of the trips.

I was very busy last week. I had two speaking engagements. I enjoyed both of them. I don't usually get tired when I do those. I think that is how passion is.

This week I will put more thought into my vision board and contact the person editing my book. As the end of the week nears I will make my way to Austin for a meeting and some time visiting the family.

Mourning the passing of summer.

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