August 27, 2007

Random Monday Thoughts

Well, school is underway for my boy. He didn't want me to walk him to class on his first day. I let him go alone. Although; it almost broke my heart, I attempted to allow his independence. But, this morning I think I was blind sided with a little fact of his growing up. He left his water bottle in the car so I called to him but he didn't hear me. I just whipped into a parking space and caught up with him to give it to him. I assumed he would be grateful since it is so hot and it was water, blah, blah, blah. But that isn't the experience we had. He was EMBARRASSED! He was embarrassed because I caught up with him while he was with his friends. Oh, I felt sad. He is six and a half and I gave birth to him (all ten and a half pounds of him!) and I am actually pretty cool. Oh, my. I have made him this way, you know. All this independent thinking and feeling. Oh, the woes of self-actualized thinking :)

I can't cope.

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