May 21, 2017

History belonging to a stranger....

We just purchased a home built in the 70s. It was left as part of an inheritance to a person who lives out of state. From the moment I walked into that home, it felt perfect for my family. Sadly, belongings of the previous owner were left behind. Today, in a vintage trunk, left in a weathered storage shed, I found baby booties, letters and cards from as far back as 1947, and many other memories families often cherish. I'd like ideas for displaying (and honoring) a collection of these.

I found 8 and 10 ¢ stamps on many letters. 

Does anyone know how to find the family of people who may have already passed? I've been going through the belongings left in this home we purchased and there are so many sentimental memories left behind. It breaks my heart to know there may be a child or grandchild without them. Any ideas are welcome!

Someone else's history. 

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