May 11, 2015

Lessons from Church

The homily in mass today moved me to tears. Tears of joy, that I am blessed to be a mother and that I loved my own mother dearly.

I learned about:

Unconditional love. We love because we love. We ought not put conditions on our love, being exclusive only when someone believes as we do, votes as we do, belongs to the same clubs as we do.

Patience. Sometimes it's important to just shut up.

Humility. Ego steps forward. Humility steps back. I do not need the spotlight.

Joy. We can have joy and happiness in our emotions. We can also have joy and happiness in our psyche. But, to hold joy and happiness in our heart, is the space of God.

Mother's Day is such a bitter-sweet time for me.  I stood up and allowed the love of God, the other parishioners and my sweet sonshine to pour in when Father Khoi prayed over the moms.  I also shed a few tears that my mom is not here with me.  After mass I went to the chapel and lit a candle for mom.  My sonshine asked me the reason I was crying.  It seemed hard to explain. I value every moment I had with her on this earth.  I know I will see her again.  I live in this moment and love every bit of being a mother to him.  But, once in a while, I miss her.

Happy Mother's Day
(posted one day late)

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