July 11, 2013

Body, Mind & Spirit

After a visit to a doctor in May, I began a new journey.

For many years I've been diligent with annual physicals and I follow through with most recommendations.  I generally believe what I am told by medical professionals.  I have known something wasn't right for a while but convinced myself I should deal with them through conventional medicine and even therapy.  

I followed the directives for over a year and something still didn't feel right.  

Toward the end of April I saw a life coach at Shambhala Wellness.  Within moments she recommended I get blood work again.  I was referred to a foundational doctor, a doctor who looks for the cause in addition to treating symptoms.  

I am still in the process of identifying the root cause but did find out I have severe anemia.  That is low iron and it sounds simple enough.  But it isn't.  

To put it in a perspective that made a lot of sense to me, when a doctor does blood work, anything under 150 is considered "low iron".  Mine was 8.  My body was suffocating.  Iron carries the oxygen, among many other critical things.  The doctor was surprised I didn't have any infections and was still getting up everyday and functioning.  

I was referred to an oncologist.  The day I received the referral I changed my diet.  I haven't had soda since.  I am eating fruits, veggies, drinking water and getting as much natural iron in my diet as possible.  

Kale Chips

At the beginning of June I began getting IV iron infusions.  I've sought every bit of information I can devour about severe anemia.  I get the infusions at  Texas Oncology and I have a few feelings about being there because I have always equated oncology with cancer, but that is a separate story.  

I still have a few specialists to see as I continue to discover the cause of the low iron; however, I have already made great improvements.  It is such a relief to know so many of these symptoms I didn't even know were related are beginning to be removed.  Did you know iron can be connected to:

Grey hair (who knew?)
Memory & cognition
Hair loss (hence, the ugly mullet I am now sporting)
Depression-like symptoms
Lethargy and fatigue

In addition to the infusions, daily I take Vitamin D, Omegas and fill my body with nuts, berries (no twigs) and as many high-iron foods as possible.  I also meditate and do yoga stretches.  Besides removing sodas, I have also eliminated my passion for Sonic Ice.  I didn't even know until I began doing the research that low-iron ice eating is a PICA disorder.  I teach about those but never made the connection.

I am truly grateful for the answers I already have.  Knowing there is a reason for how horrible I have felt for a couple of years is nearly a miracle and look forward to updating you on my progress as it unfolds.  


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