August 27, 2012

Morning TV Glitch

I turn on morning television while getting ready each day.  I like to hear a little local weather, a few national current events, and even enjoy some of the little laughs.  Today I overheard a segment on “Getting Back to School Supplies at a Discount”.  Well, who wouldn’t want that?  Three weeks ago.

Now, I realize some students are just going back today and there are parts of the country that kids don’t board the big yellow bus until after Labor Day.  I get that.  However, this little tidbit reminded me of how often this has crossed my mind through the years.  You know…those little gripes that bog my mind down when I have nothing better to consider….

I celebrate Christmas.  I am certain most of you who do also celebrate on December 24 or 25ish….while I have attempted to store the “Christmas Crafting” ideas in the recesses of my mind since the 23rd of last December….I don’t remember. 

Nor do I recall the perfect way to bake a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Nay, not I.  Likely due to the circumstance of that being shared with me the day BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Now, I know some people buy their goodies late in the game but this doesn’t work out for me.

I do, however, have a few Super Bowl Party ideas for the coming Big Day….Morning television shared those sporty little invitation ideas on the Friday before the game....which they must not have heard occurred two days later....Because YES, in addition to those invitations I would have wanted to make the football field sized cake.  

Carry on….

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