February 14, 2012

Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day 1998 was, without a doubt, the most bitter of all. I was 28. I wasn’t married and had no prospects. I wanted a baby. Doing that without a husband wasn’t in the cards. Love had not only escaped my grasp but love had not even given me a drive by. I hadn't realized how hostile I was until sitting at the half-time festivities of a San Antonio Spurs game. A couple was getting married. The Coyote was officiating. That makes me giggle now. Back then I recall yelling ugly things like, “Don’t do it”! at the happy couple. Yes, that was me. Obnoxious jilted girl, party of one.

Since 1998 I was married and have a wonderful son. The marriage was exactly what I needed at the time. Even if we aren’t together anymore, it was a wonderful gift of experience.

In the years since 1998 I have learned many valuable lessons. First, I realized how small my world was at that time. I also realized love does exist but must first exist inside of myself.

Cliché, I know. But it is true. Cynicism is ugly. Sarcasm is hurtful. Becoming broad-minded to the ideas of others, open to my self-growth, and looking for happiness in countless ways (instead of just romance) has created a kind of peace and contentment inside that cannot be described. But can be seen.

I do have love. I do have romance. I do have intimacy. I do have all of the joys that life can bring. If only I can go back and have a face-to-face with that broken girl from 1998……

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

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