March 05, 2011

The Wait....

A professional opportunity has recently been presented to me that peaked my interest. It is an area I believe I could perform well and learn a great deal at the same time. How often does that come along? I have talked with a number of the people involved. I have confided thoughts and received feedback from several people I trust. I believe this is the direction I want to go. Because I was not looking for the opportunity when it came along it felt even more of a path to investigate.

I have done the work involved to attain the opportunity. I have presented my wants and compromises. Now I shall wait for the answer.

I haven’t always been good at waiting. However, with my career, I am getting better. Perhaps, it is because I have worked nearly twenty years in the same field and I know my value. I know the strengths I can bring to an organization. And I know I won’t fall apart if an opportunity doesn’t work out.

But, more than that, I know things that are meant to be will anyway. And when I get in the way it only adds more worry, more misery and more chaos. Who wants that? Not me. There are many doors in my life today. I will know the one to go through because I am relying on guidance from One far greater than I. Therefore, I need no luck. Only faith.

The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are you waiting for?

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