May 13, 2008

Things change

So much can change in a week! The Spurs are 2-2 with New Orleans now. Tonight is game 5. I am very anxious.

Soon summer will be here. This will be my son's first year in summer camp. In the past years he has been able to be at home and have very minimal childcare. It has always been my personal choice. This year he is growing up and needing the social interaction. He wants to go to a wilderness camp on the lake that offers archery classes. My mom instinct is kicking in big time. I have been lectured by all concerned parties...and by some that I don't want to hear from, too. "he is a boy", "let him be a boy", "he can't be a mommas boy forever"...blah, blah, blah.

Okay. So he is going to camp. Help me embrace this idea.

Perpetually a mother.

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