April 16, 2008

Springing Forward

As we drove to our spots this morning, my son and I noticed everything in bloom. Only a few weeks ago it was all dead. Some of the trees had even been pulled from the ground by some severe weather last week. Everyone has cleaned things up and the debris is now neatly stacked to be picked up.

Life seems to be that way. The last year of my life has presented some of the biggest and often painful challenges. Because of this I am somewhat fearful to say that things seem to be getting better....but I am going to say that. I believe they are.

My mom had good news from her doctor. The chemo seems to be working. She has one treatment cycle left. I found a business partner who I trust. My career is moving in a different and exciting direction. My son is finishing up first grade with good reports and an unspoiled spirit of excitement. My life is in bloom again. At the same time it is being ripped up by the roots. But, that is okay.

Looking at some positive.

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