March 08, 2007

My Week in DC

I am in Washington, DC this week with NAADAC.
I have heard that some people are natural advocates and some are not. I now disagree. I believe an advocate was inside of me all along but it caught fire while at this conference. I knew I was in this field to help those suffering from the disease of addiction, but learning what I can do for us to continue to provide those services has been eye opening.
When I used to look at small budgets, mini salaries and insurance red tape I used to think it was just going to be that way and I would just have to get used to it. NO MORE. I have a voice. WE HAVE A VOICE. It is time to speak!
I am on my way to the hill today to share my thoughts with those who represent us in Texas. What are you going to do today to ensure we are able to continue to provide services? Not everyone can come to DC. But, I challenge you to begin brain storming what you can do. If you have a passion for our profession.....get involved just a little more than you are today. If you don't attend TAAP meetings-Start. If you aren't a member-Become one. If you haven't been to Austin for legislative advocacy-Make plans today to go next year. If you want to stand beside me on the hill next year......let's talk!

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Harold Duncan said...

Great blog, Paula. Can't wait to read more!